Why do a Winter Detox?

Join me starting January 9th for THREE live online sessions to address your personal Detox needs on Wednesdays at 5:00 Pacific Time

  • New Year - New You

    The start of the new year is a great time to make commitments to yourself to make changes in your life! Give yourself an easy way to get rid of some of the inflammation that may have built up over the holidays through indulgence.

  • Who Should Attend?

    Anyone who wants to attain or maintain good health! Also, anyone with issues of toxicity, congestive or inflammatory problems. And anyone who is willing to work to experience positive health changes in your life.

  • What Will it Provide Me?

    This course will give you a method for lifelong health and quality aging. A way to have consistent energy in your daily life. And it will help with many medical problems and preventing degenerative disease

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Before Class Begins
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    • Summary of the Course
    • 10 Tips
  • 02
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    • Introduction
    • 14 Day Winter Detox
    • The Detox Diet
    • Shopping List
    • Suggested Supplements
    • Make a Plan
    • Hydration Helper
  • 03
    Lesson One
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    • Health Continuum
    • Simple version of Health Continuum
    • First Class Winter Detox 1.9.19
    • First Class AUDIO
  • 04
    Lesson Two
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    • Second Class VIDEO 1.16.19
    • Daily check-list (print and keep track of your progress!)
  • 05
    Lesson Three
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    • Third class VIDEO 1.23.19
    • Causes of Disease
    • Causes of Disease full chart from book
  • 06
    Wrap up and Next Steps
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    • Detox Essentials
    • All Handouts in one Document

Pricing options

The full price for this course is $129, but if you have a coupon code for a special discount just click the "Sign-up Now" button and look for the yellow words/link "Have a Coupon Code?"

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Students in last year’s Winter Detox had this to say:

“I highly recommend this course! Even if you aren't familiar with holistic healing and nutrition, this class is a great place to start. The course is very informative, organized, with lots and lots of support. Dr. Haas makes the class fun. ”

Isabella Rose

“It's a great catalyst for the change you've been saying you want. ”

Ella Nemcova

“It’s easy to participate and implement. Dr E is knowledgeable and experienced in detox and has an open mind about options. ”

Debra Jones Schmid

Included in the Course

  • Support material

    In addition to the three live sessions, you will have access to a lot of support material, including: 10 Tips for a Healthy Winter Detox; The Detox Diet suggested meal plan; A Suggested Shopping List; Suggested Supplements List; Hydration Helper; Make A Plan Form; and more.

  • Video and Audio Recordings

    If you can't make any of the three live sessions, you'll be able to watch or listen to the video and audio recordings of each session at your convenience.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Share your experiences with others in the course and get extra support in the private Facebook group.

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