Benefits of Doing a Cleanse

  • Enhance your control over your own health

    The experience of juice cleansing or doing a detox diet is truly inspiring and educational. Many people need to be guided and supported through a cleanse or detox process only once. Then, in the future, they find they are able to do it on their own. But many find it helpful to do it in a group each year and find it increases their success.

  • Learn to change Habits with this Course

    Giving your body a fourteen day break from bad habits can be very beneficial. This program gives you a couple of days of preparation and a couple of days to transition back into eating. You can apply what you learn to change your habits on an on-going basis, which will improve your energy and vitality.

  • Stay Healthy through Cleansing

    This course provides you with options to do a detox diet or a juice cleanse. Either way, giving your body a break will help you find ways to achieve lifelong health and quality aging; consistent energy in your daily life; and help in treating many medical problems and preventing degenerative disease.

Course curriculum

Please realize that fasting is not for everyone. I do not advise fasting therapy for people with deficiency problems such as fatigue, anemia, immune weakness, nutritional deficiency, or underweight issues. Nor is it suggested for pregnant or nursing mothers, or for youngsters. If you have any question whether you are healthy enough and right for juice cleansing, please consult with your health practitioner about this, or send an email to:

  • 01
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    • How to use this course
    • Introduction
    • 10 Tips for a Healthier Life
  • 02
    Cleanse Preparation
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    • Helpful Hints for a Successful Cleanse
    • Juices and the Organs or Conditions they help heal
    • Make a Plan
    • Master Cleanse
    • Shopping list
    • Smoothie Recipes
    • Hydration Helper
  • 03
    Lesson One
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    • Video recording of Lesson One
    • Audio recording of Lesson One
    • Master Cleanser video
  • 04
    Lesson Two
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    • Video recording of Lesson Two
    • Audio recording of Lesson Two
  • 05
    Lesson Three
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    • Video recording of Lesson Three
    • Audio recording of Lesson Three
  • 06
    Next Steps
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    • Next Steps
    • Detox/Cleanse Transition Tips
  • 07
    Thank you gifts
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    • Sleep meditation
    • Detox Essentials

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