Weight Release Program

Healing Our Relationship to Food

  • The Cost of Being Overweight

    Being significantly overweight predisposes a person to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and a shortened lifespan, and also diminishes the quality of life for the individuals and their families. It can also impair cognitive function and memory, and cause joint pain, arthritis and a loss of mobility. But we have the ability to change all of that.

  • Learn to change Habits with this Course

    We can’t really change our body, lose weight and keep it off without addressing the psychological/mental or emotional issues that underlie our eating behaviors. We can retrain ourselves and change behaviors once we understand why we eat what we do. And be consistent in replacing one type of food or habit with another healthy one.

  • More than a Diet Release Weight Forever

    This course provides you with tools to make permanent changes after identifying what causes us to overeat. This program is different as we address very personal patterns that have emerged/developed from childhood. Often the dynamics of our family’s eating habits influence us for the rest of our lives. Until we recognize and decide to make a change once and for all.


Elson Haas MD will be teaching this course with Co-presenters: Janara Iman and Tara West. JANARA IMAN has been part of Elson's team at the Preventive Medical Center of Marin, for over 10 years and she will bring her wealth of experience as a clinical nutritionist to our exploration of this important topic. TARA WEST is another long time colleague and as a licensed hypnotherapist she will bring a new and exciting dimension to our journey together, exploring guided imagery and our deeper motivations.
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A Guided Four Week Journey


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Course curriculum

Dr. Haas and expert guest instructors will help us heal together, release weight before the holidays and create long-term success.

  • 01
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    • Welcome - How to Use this Course
    • Introduction by Dr. Haas
    • Don't Wait! Lose Weight! Video
    • Don't Wait! Lose Weight! Slides
  • 02
    First Class - Weight Release
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    • Video recording of First Class
    • Audio recording of 10.2.21 live class
    • Slides shown in 10.2.21 live class
    • Part 1: The Costs and Causes of Being Overweight - 16 page PDF
    • Part 2: Weight Release Solutions - 16 page PDF
    • Hypnosis with Tara - Video
    • Hypnosis with Tara - Audio
    • Questionnaire
  • 03
    Second Class
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    • Video recording of Second Class
    • Audio of live class 10.16.21 live class
    • Slides shown in 10.16.21 live class
    • Part 3: Recommended Diets, Daily Meal Plan & Recipes - 20 page PDF
    • Hypnotherapy Segment with Tara - Audio
    • Hypnotherapy Segment with Tara - Video
    • Tara's Hypnotherapy Notes
    • Sample Daily Meal Plan
    • Weekly Nutrition Tracker
    • Detox Diet Extract (14 pg. PDF)
    • The Purification Process (6 pg. PDF)
    • Weight Release - Recipes
    • Food Combing chart
  • 04
    Third Class
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    • Video recording of Third Class
    • Audio of live class 10.30.21 live class
    • Slides shown in 10.30.21 live class
    • Part 4: Eastern and Western Medicine approaches to Weight Release - 13 page PDF
    • Janara's Tips
    • Tara's Hypnotherapy Tips
    • Hypnotherapy Segment with Tara West 10.30.21 AUDIO
    • Hypnotherapy Segment with Tara West 10.30.21 VIDEO
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    Additional Resources
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    • Useful Links: BMI calculator, Stress & Exercise Tips and more
    • Hydration Helper
    • Daily Checklist
    • Weekly Nutrition Tracker

What is the value of changing your eating habits