Benefits of Lifestyle Changes

The "Ultimate Immunity" book co-authors Elson Haas MD and Sondra Barrett PhD will guide you through ways to enhance your immune responsiveness.

  • Enhance your control over your own health

    Many people need to be guided and supported through difficult situations. We are in an unprecedented time that can cause stress. Learn to improve your chances of avoiding many illnesses through your lifestyle choices.

  • Learn to change Habits with this Course

    Giving your body a fourteen day break (or longer) from bad habits can be very beneficial. This program gives you options to make beneficial changes and supports you through the process. You can apply what you learn to change your habits, which can improve your energy and immune function.

  • Create strong immune defenses

    This support group and course provides you with options to make lifestyle changes that work for you. You may choose to do a detox diet or eliminate toxins. Either way, giving your body a break will help you find ways to achieve lifelong health and possibly avoid viral infection.

Course curriculum

This course/support group is not claiming to protect you from coronavirus (COVID-19) but offers ways in which you can enhance immune responsiveness. If you have any questions email:

  • 01
    Show details
    • How to use this course
    • Introduction
    • 10 Tips for Enhanced Immunity
    • Private Facebook Group!
    • Make a Plan
    • Immune Power Eating Plan - IPEP
    • Self Massage
    • PSYCHONEURO-IMMUNOLOGY: The Bridge Between Science and Spirit by Sondra Barrett
  • 02
    Lesson One
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    • Video recording of the first class on March 21st
    • Audio recording of Lesson One
    • Slides from Class #1
  • 03
    Lesson Two
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    • Video recording of Lesson Two
    • Audio recording of Lesson Two
    • Slides from Class #2
    • Supplements to help sleep
    • Supplements to help sleep
    • 10 Tips for Healing Sleep
    • Sleep Daily Log
    • Sleep meditation
  • 04
    Lesson Three
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    • Video recording of Lesson Three
    • Audio recording of Lesson Three
    • Slides from Lesson 3
    • 6 Ways to make real change happen
    • How to make Sprouts
    • The Brain That Changes Itself Chapter
    • Writing to Heal
    • Pot Sticker Soup Recipe
  • 05
    Lesson Four
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    • Class 4 VIDEO
    • Class 4 AUDIO
    • Helpful Links
    • Daily Quarantine Questions to ask yourself...
  • 06
    Lesson Five
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    • Class 5 VIDEO
    • Class 5 AUDIO
    • Slides from Class 5
    • Track your daily activities to keep your commitments to yourself
    • A few recipes
    • Dr. Barrett 11 minute visualization/meditation
  • 07
    Lesson Six
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    • Class 6 VIDEO
    • Class 6 AUDIO
  • 08
    Lesson Seven
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    • Class 7 VIDEO
    • Class 7 AUDIO
  • 09
    Cleanse Preparation (If you choose to Cleanse or Detox)
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    • Helpful Hints for a Successful Cleanse
    • Juices and the Organs or Conditions they help heal
    • Master Cleanse
    • Master Cleanser video
    • Shopping list
    • Smoothie Recipes
    • Hydration Helper
  • 10
    Next Steps
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    • Next Steps
    • Detox/Cleanse Transition Tips
  • 11
    Thank you gifts
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    • Detox Essentials
  • 12
    Forms to fill out online
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    • Make A Plan Form (in Google docs)
    • Make a Plan (in Survey Form)
    • Form Test from Neil

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