Breaking the Stimulation-Sedation Cycle

A 7-Day Program for Freedom from Caffeine, Sugar and Alcohol

  • Discover

    Discover your personal Stimulation-Sedation Profile with a private survey that will help you find your individual path to natural energy balance.

  • Vitality

    Restore Natural Energy cycles to regain Vitality and wakeup to a new outlook with an energetic lifestyle.

  • Health

    Learn healthy alternatives for morning Energy and better Sleep at night. This is the first step in restoring health and unlocking our innate healing ability.

An innovative new course design


Regain Your Natural Energy is an important first step in restoring health and vitality.

Based on the work of Elson Haas MD, the acclaimed author of NEW Medicine, Staying Healthy Through the Seasons, and a dozen highly popular books on health and healing, this unique 7-Day Course will empower you to make essential lifestyle changes, with natural alternatives to the stimulants and sedatives that disrupt the body’s internal energy cycles.  

Each day you will watch video segments from Dr. Haas, read important information and discover how to recover your body's natural energy and healing ability. 

The course consists of 48 videos and six audio-visualizations, plus extensive PDF and AV resources including motivational support, nutritional supplement information, and meal planning. 

Course Contents

Personal Support

Additional help is offered through direct email support with Dr. Haas, as well as a dedicated Facebook group where you can share and receive encouragement from other class members and staff. 

This valuable personal support will help you get answers to your personal questions about Regaining Your Natural Energy and discovering the power of returning to natural health.

Regain Your Natural Energy

Treat Yourself to Seven Days of Inspiration