From the beginning of my career as a young explorative physician I began looking at healing traditions and incorporating them into my newly developing integrative practice. I have been inspired by the Barefoot Doctors of China. Their task was to keep people healthy, as well as treat them when they were sick. Prevention really is the best medicine, and this means individuals taking much of the responsibility for their own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. An important part of my work is to help people learn how to do this - after all the origin of the word doctor is the Latin docere, which means “teach.”

Your Personal Health Journey

  • Lifestyle Health Evaluation

    I have created a 3-page lifestyle questionnaire that is based on what I have used working with thousands patients at my clinic, Preventive Medical Center of Marin, over many years. Your answers will help me help you.

  • Personal Online Consultation

    We will review your self-evaluation lifestyle questionnaire, discuss and begin to focus on areas of potential improvement. We will review the 5 key areas that effect health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and attitude.

  • Make a Plan together and Follow-up

    Together we’ll Create a Personal Plan for you to follow daily. After you've had time to implement your plan we will have a follow-up meeting to make any adjustments necessary to insure your success.

Our health is much more in our own hands than we realize. That’s what Your Personal Healing Journey is all about – a one-on-one consultation with me to help you (us) create an individualized and practical lifestyle plan for your optimal health along with a follow-up to keep it working for you.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Health Assessment
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  • 02
    Personal Consultation with Dr. Haas
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    • Schedule your personal consultation

Personal Consultation

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