Peace Medicine

An Evolutionary Healing Journey

  • What is Peace Medicine? Why Does it Matter?

    We’re fighting everywhere; the world is at war; and our health is suffering. Peace Medicine is a whole new way of looking at our health and dealing with disease. Peace Medicine teaches us how to work with illness as our ally and not an opponent to fight! In this course we will also learn how Peace Medicine helps us to enhance our lives, prevent illness and Stay Healthy!

  • Empower your Path of Personal Growth

    We will learn and implement new attitudes and activities to enhance and evolve our lives. We’ll explore more deeply the aspects of dis-harmony and dis-ease to build a bridge of healing. We will follow the wisdom of the body, Nature’s cycles and seasons and the creativity of the moon’s phases; we’ll also explore the energies of chakras, meridians and many different systems.

  • We are Here to Learn, Grow and Evolve

    Healing is a journey on all levels of our being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In healing we always have something to learn, which asks us to evolve. It’s up to each of us to embrace change, to nourish our lives and be nourished, learning to align with our spinning Earth traveling through space - to become more joyful, thankful and considerate.


Dr. ELSON HAAS is a life-long integrative family physician, author and teacher. He loves helping people transform their lives, enhance their well-being and become more passionate about their life path. His 11 books include Staying Healthy with the Seasons, Staying Healthy with Nutrition, The Detox Diet, The False Fat Diet and Ultimate Immunity. He will be joined by several guests during the course, each of whom has a unique contribution to make to your Evolutionary Journey. Dr. Marty Rossman will offer insights into the power of imagery, Sifu Robert Begman will teach Chi Qong, and some surprise guests too!
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Course curriculum

Explore your Evolutionary Healing path with Dr. Haas and expert guest instructors

  • 01
    Show details
    • Welcome from Dr. Haas
    • Peace Medicine article by Dr. Haas
  • 02
    SEPTEMBER - How Can We Heal & Evolve?
    Show details
    • Video recording of SEPTEMBER 10th webinar
    • Interview with Guest Expert Dr. Marty Rossman
    • Numerology Intro by Dr. Haas
    • 1 thru 9 Tracker
    • Interview #1 with KATA instructors Barry Robbins & Pam Kramer
    • Interview #2 with KATA instructors Barry Robbins & Pam Kramer (Demo)
    • Class 2 Video with Live Q&A - September 24th
  • 03
    OCTOBER - Cycles, Seasons and the Flow of Energy
    Show details
    • Video recording of October 8th Webinar
    • Live Q&A with Dr. Haas - October 22nd
    • Video with Guest Expert Anodea Judith
  • 04
    NOVEMBER - Your Elemental Personality
    Show details
    • Video recording of November 5th Webinar
    • Live Q&A with Dr. Haas - November 19th
    • Video of interview with Guest Teacher Kooch Daniels
    • Video of Concluding Class
  • 05
    Additional Resources
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