Benefits of Doing a Two to Three-Week False Fat Program

Elson Haas MD provides valuable ways to help you discover and remove False Fat

  • Enhance Control Over Your Health

    Many people experience reactions to foods that they are unaware are causing inflammation, bloating and False Fat. Lose 10 -20 pounds of unwanted weight.

  • Learn to Change Habits with this Course

    Using an elimination diet to identify what foods are causing reactions can be very beneficial. Apply what you learn to change your habits, which will improve your energy and vitality.

  • Look and Feel Better in 2-3 short Weeks

    This course provides you with specific and guided instruction to identify what is causing your false fat. You'll see and feel benefits in a short time.

Course curriculum

If you question whether an elimination diet is good for you, please check with your health care provider or send an email:

  • 01
    Introduction and Resources
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    • How to use this course
    • Introduction
    • 10 Tips for False Fat: Healing Food Allergies and Reactions
    • Make a Plan
    • Elimination Diet: Test for Food Reactions
    • Meal Plan for Elimination Diet
    • Smoothie Recipes
    • Supplements
    • Shopping list
    • Private Facebook Group!
    • Hydration Helper
  • 02
    Lesson One
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    • Lesson One
    • Video for Lesson One
    • Slides from Lesson One
  • 03
    Lesson Two
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    • Lesson Two
    • Video for Lesson Two
    • Slides from Lesson Two
  • 04
    Lesson Three
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    • Lesson Three
    • Video for Lesson Three
    • Slides from Lesson Three
  • 05
    Summary and Review
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    • Video for Summary and Review Lesson
    • Slides from Lesson Four
  • 06
    Thank you gifts
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    • Meditation for sleep
    • Detox Essentials

Elson Haas MD provides detailed materials to help you create your False Fat Program