All Seasons Health Program with Elson Haas MD

For Optimal Health it is invaluable to have experienced guidance, ongoing support and regular communication with others of like mind

  • Staying Healthy with the Seasons

    This popular book is celebrating it's 40th year in print! Learn how you can improve your health by living more in tune with each season's unique offerings. Following the book, Dr. Haas will guide you through each season with practical and proven health advice based on the 5 Element-Season system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), combined with the best of Natural and Western therapeutic approaches.

  • Live Webinars including Seasonal Detox

    Each season you’ll get: 2 live webinars with Dr. Haas including Q&A; Seasonal 14-day Detox with 3 additional live webinars; Seasonal Study Guide/Workbook; Digital copy of Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine; Email contact and support from Dr. Haas and fellow participants (support increases success!)

  • Two Seasons for the Price of One!

    When you sign up for this course you actually get two seasons for the price of one. The TCM model has five elements and seasons. The fifth season is associated with the Earth element and known as the Doyo. This mini season of transition is about three weeks long and occurs four times a year around each Solstice and Equinox. We’ll be exploring this unique aspect of Staying Healthy with the Seasons in addition to all the information in the full 9-week Summer health session.

Why is Seasonal Health Important?

Seasonal Health is a timeless message common to many cultures. TCM itself dates back thousands of years, as does Ayurveda, and in the west the 4 Elements were a key part of ancient Greek philosophy. The physician Hippocrates, sometimes called the “Father of Modern Medicine,” stated: "Whoever wishes to investigate medicine should proceed thus: in the first place consider the seasons of the year and what effect each of them produces." Learn how to apply these time honored health principles in the modern world.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    NEW Medicine Book
    Show details
    • Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine Book pdf
  • 02
    The Doyo Season - June 12 - July 3
    Show details
    • Introduction
    • Seasonal Study Guide - Doyo
    • Meditation/Centering for the Doyo Season
    • Video June 12 - Doyo
    • Audio - June 12
    • Slides - June 12
    • The 5 Elements and the 5 Keys
    • The 5 Keys to Staying Healthy Guide
    • The 5 Keys assessment and plan form
    • The Basics
  • 03
    Summer Part 1: June 26 - August 7
    Show details
    • How to Use this Course
    • Curriculum for Summer Season Part 1
    • Summer Study Guide
    • Daily Checklist
    • Hydration Helper
    • Summer RECIPES
    • Additional Resources
    • Video - Summer Season Part 1 - June 26
    • Audio - Summer Season Part 1 - June 26
    • Slides - Summer Season June 26
    • Meditation Video
  • 04
    Summer Cleanse: July 17 -24
    Show details
    • Summer Cleanse
  • 05
    Summer Part 2: - August 7-28
    Show details
    • Video - Summer Part 2 Class August 7, 2021
    • Audio - Summer Part 2
    • Slides - Summer Part 2
    • Chakra Meditation
    • Chakra Image
  • 06
    Last ALL Seasons Class August 28th
    Show details
    • Video - LAST CLASS
    • Audio - LAST CLASS
    • Slides - LAST CLASS


From current ALL Seasons Health Program participant

“It has been a pleasure to participate in this program. My goal was to change my everyday attitudes and living and it did that by giving me the space to succeed. Thank you for your help. I am appreciative beyond these words. I also lost 15 pounds which gives me a new feel for the whole lifestyle.”

Judy Gillespie

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